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Every heavy and oversized shipment is unique and has problems and solutions of its own nature. Maritime World Logistics Inc. has the knowledge, experience and expertise required to handle your high-value, sophisticated project cargo.

Maritime World Logistics Inc. has been successfully moving heavy and oversized project cargo throughout North America since 1999.

Our prime priority of customer satisfaction is our sole method of growing our business.

Your project, large or small will be given personalized attention. For every project we develop the most efficient, cost effective and safe methods of handling the cargo, often mixing transportation modes and routes based on individual piece requirements on shipments anywhere in Canada and the USA.

Innovative Transportation Solutions

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Recent News

    Maritime World Logistics has purchased Transcontinental Transportation Services Inc.

    In December 2016, Maritime World Logistics purchased Transcontinental Transportation Services Inc.  This was a great business opportunity as this service plays a crucial role for our customers who require daily developments on their cargo travelling via rail.

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